Get your website ranking on Google

With out knowledge and experience, You can't go wrong!

5 Hour SEO Block

Get 5 hours of our time to work on your website. We'll optimize your onsite SEO like Content, images, Metadata and Descriptions for products and pages. We'll use our professional and Expensive SEO tools to find the best keywords to include on your website. We'll also look into your competition and find out what they're doing wrong and use that to our advantage!

First Step SEO Pack

This pack is designed for businesses who are wanting to take their baby step into SEO for the very first time. The pack includes 10 Hours of SEO work which will include everything you need to get your website ready for some serious ranking on Google, including...

- Sitemap Creation and Submission to Google
- Keyword research to find the best keywords you should use on your website.
- SEO optimised content and Meta info based on the recommended keywords for your website.
- SEO optimised images
- Speed optimisation to make sure your website is running smoothly.
- tips and recommendation on what you should do once we're finished to maintain a high ranking.
- Genuine and strong backlink research.
- Research into your competitors and find holes which you can use to your advantage.

*Note that we will only do what we can within these 10 hours as some larger websites take longer to work on

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